5 Types of people you will meet when you pray in congregation.

The hadith made congregational prayers irresistible for me.(though it isn’t a 100% compulsory). Also, it was a good way of catching up with friends and meeting new people. After almost 3 years of attending Isha (and occasionally Fajr) in congregation, coming up with 5 categories of people you meet at the mosque, was not difficult.

Enjoy reading!

1.The OCD : This person will pull out all the stops to maintain the straight rows; shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee, ankle to ankle!



2.The Forgetful : This person will always join the prayer during the last Rakah, rushing in with audible huffing and panting.

3.The Dreamer: This person will stand up for the next rakah when its time to sit for  the tashaddud (Been here on one too many occasions :P)


4.The Aromatic Mess: This person has the strongest perfume in the room that blends with everyone else’s perfume into a scent that no perfumer can concoct.


5.The Cryptic:  When it’s obvious someone has farted, but no one really leaves the prayer leaving you guessing who it was 😛


All jokes aside, praying in congregation really adds to the barakah in your life and prayer. I encourage you all to pray atleast one salah (referably Fajr or Isha) in congregation and see the benefits for yourself. Life changing stuff.




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